TRAINING PROGRAM by Jaana Ojakäär-Kitsing

I have organized and created different short courses (some pictures above), but here I would actually like to present the way I have organized one of my books in a subject of creativity (“Loova elu teejuht”).

Because I saw creating this book as a training program for developing a creative lifestyle. People can do this program by reading a book and by doing all the 100+ exercises in it (during 9 months: each week 1 chapter – all together 38 chapters).


Goal: To inspire people to live their life as the best versions of themselves. To help them enjoy their limitless creativity.

Get to Know Yourself:

  1. Balancing Your Life
  2. Discovering Your Life’s Vision
  3. The Wisdom of Your Heart
  4. Awareness
  5. Creative Energy
  6. Body Consciousness
  7. Power of Breath
  8. Detoxifying Yourself

Empowering Creativity:

  1. The Nature of Creativity
  2. How to Have Great Ideas
  3. Brain Gym – Keep Your Brain Fit!
  4. Creativity and Time
  5. The Power of Relaxation
  6. Inspiring Mornings – How to Start Your Creative Day?
  7. Creativity and Deep Sleep – Sleep Nourishes Creativity!

Different Sources of Inspiration / Opening Our Senses:

  1. Inspiration – What it is and How to Be Inspired?
  2. Art
  3. Creative Writing
  4. Managing Your Feelings
  5. The Sense for Beauty
  6. Creativity and Laughter
  7. Creative relationships
  8. The Power of Nature
  9. Creativity and Aromas
  10. Creativity and Music
  11. Creativity and Dance
  12. Creative Tastes
  13. Creative Colors
  14. The Power of Touch

Empowering yourself:

  1. Motivation
  2. Self-Confidence
  3. Personal Brand
  4. Taking Action!
  5. Personal Power
  6. Abundance

Creativity Around Us:

  1. Creative Home
  2. Creative Environment
  3. Creative Lifestyle

Raamat Loova elu teejuht Loovuskohvik